Many thanks for expressing interest in our events!

You want to accredit for our fairs?
Please send us the completed accreditation form until one week before exhibition date, so that we are able to guarantee its validation.

We greatly appreciate your reporting on our exhibitions, fairs and events, and the company itself. By providing journalists with accreditation it is our intention to facilitate, maximise and simplify access to all relevant information. Please note, we are only able to grant journalist accreditation for the purpose of reporting on the current event. Furthermore, we hope you understand that accreditation is only limited, and only granted subject to inspection of your credentials.

Requirements for accreditation:

In order to be granted accreditation you are required to present a valid press pass issued by a domestic or foreign journalists’ association. Nevertheless, the possession of a valid pass is not the sole credential required for accreditation. It is also necessary to provide evidence of your intention to report or take photographs of our company, venue or events, for journalistic purposes:

  • By producing a recentarticle (no more than 6 months old) featuring your name.
  • By referring to an imprint naming you in an editorial function, as a permanent member of the journalistic team, or as a writer (no more than 3 months old).
  • By presenting written confirmation you have been requested by an editorial office to conduct work with a current connection to our events and/or our company.
  • By quoting a web link to a conclusive online publication that reaches a significant readership, is significantly related to our events, and significantly relevant to our company.
  • By providing evidence you work for a school newspaper, or presenting a valid membership pass for a youth press organisation (issued less than 6 months previously).

Additional accreditation rules:

  • During the event your press accrediation has to be clearly visible
  • In addition, in individual cases we reserve the right to demand the provision of a valid item of ID featuring a photograph of the individual in question.
  • Noone is entitled to accreditation per se. If necessary, the expo organiser shall be entitled to exercise his/her right to decide as the incumbent arbiter.
  • We also exercise the right to accredit representatives of the media who may not have recently reported on relevant topic, but who can prove they regularly report on relevant events and, as a result, make a significant contribution to the success of our company in the media. In such cases, please send us copies of published articles.
  • The presentation of eventrelated tickets and documents can help to accelerate inspection of your accreditation application – and facilitate a positive response.
  • Inclusion in our press mailing list does not mean you will be automatically accredited.
  • We look forward to receiving all required evidence, ID and proof of press membership and reserve the right to request to see additional items we consider relevant.

Please understand it is not possible to grant accreditation if:

  • You have no journalistic legitimation (in contrast to sales managers, head of advertising, PR consultant etc.)
  • You are accompanying someone as a private visitor
  • You can only prove you have been contracted by a freelance journalist
  • You are only active in social networks in a private function

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